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Sallie Duffy, B.S. Ed, Certified Childbirth Instructor- Bradley® Method (Natural Childbirth)
Teaching location in North Fulton (Crabapple/Milton)
Classes now being offered for 2014
I have been a Natural Childbirth Instructor with the Bradley® Method since 2003.  I enjoy working with couples, and single moms.  The Bradley® Method is known for “Husband Coached Childbirth”, however I always welcome other “coaches” to accompany moms to class as well. With crazy work schedules, and single moms, having a husband present for every class isn’t always possible.  With a background in education (B.S. Ed- Spanish Education), I have had other birth professionals take my class towards their certification, such as RNs, midwives, labor doulas, chiropractors, and other childbirth instructors. Information covered in classes includes: Birth Planning, Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise, Choosing a Supportive Midwife/OB/Pediatrician, Birth Partner Preparation, Relaxation, Stages of Labor, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding

"I became Dr. Alonso’s patient after a neck injury from a car accident. After just several weeks of treatment, I realized she would help with me with much more than my neck pain. I had struggled with debilitating migraine headaches for a decade, trying acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, and other preventative measures. Nonetheless, the migraines still came, sometimes up to three to four times a week. Within just a few months of chiropractic work with Dr. Alonso, my headaches diminished drastically. I have only gotten about one migraine per month during the past five months – and zero last month!..."

-Elizabeth N.