Optimal Wellness Chiropractic


Optimal Wellness Chiropractic offers custom made foot orthotics by Footlevelers. A digital scan of your feet with their state of the art scanner allows the doctor to analyze the weight distribution in your feet and assess the position and stability of your foot arches. Your feet are the foundation of your body. When the arches in your feet are unstable, you may suffer from any or all of the following: foot, ankle, knee, hip, neck and back pain or discomfort. Complimentary foot scans are offered to all patients who may benefit from foot orthotics.


"I went to Optimal Wellness Chiropractic after suffering pains from an auto accident. Dr. Jenn's treatments not only helped with the neck and back pain from the accident, but continuing treatment over the years has helped immensely with wrist and ankle injuries I sustained from various sporting activities. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm taking advantage of both the massage and chiropractic services offered in her office. Without question it has helped me cope with related aches and pains and I look forward to my visits each month."

-Jennifer H.